Delete records with invalid DBId

In DeMaSy utilities, it is possible to delete database records with invalid DBId.

This feature is only available in Sql Server context.
To display the following screen, click on the “DeMaSy INI Editor” button on the Utilities form:

Then click on the “Delete Old DBId records” button, that will display the Delete form, informing the user that the changes won’t be reversible.

The following form is displayed as a treeview:

– At the first level, the displayed values represents the DBIds for which invalid records exist
In the example above, the folder containing incoherences has the DBId 2009.

– At the next level, the concerned table name is displayed followed by the number of records that have a problem.

In the example above, 4 invalid records have been found in the Article table et 4 records in the Client table.

– The Refresh button displays the list of incorrect records.

– The Select All button selects all tables for all databases displayed on the screen

– The Select None button unselects all.

– The Delete button deletes all the records with invalid DBId for the selected databases and tables.

– The Update DBId button allows you to select a database that will be pointed by the incorrect records.