General description

UsThis screen should be accessible to all employees, it allows you to add a vacation request.

The field in the top of the screen are multiple selection criteria to search in the vacation request list.

The different fields of the grid must be filled in, when you add or edit your request

ADD/EDIT/DELETE allows each employee to add, edit or delete vacation requests

EMPLOYEE VACATION button calls the employee vacation fact sheet.

APPROVAL button: loads the screen for the vacation request approval

Validation checks

  • The vacation from date and time needs to be filled
  • The vacation to date and time needs to be filled

Rights and Options

  • The user must have the rights to Display / Add / Edit / Delete data on this form
  • The user who accept the request needs to have the rights to see the Approval button. Standard user doesn’t have to see this button.

Fields description

  • Requesting employee: The Name of the employee who send the vacation request
  • Signing employee : The Name of the employee who can accept the request
  • Display Type: The type of the request you want to see
  • Vacation from-to date: The date of the vacation request you want
  • Vacation from-to date: The sorted type in the grid
  • Job: The job of the vacation request ( mostly “Vacation”)
  • Description: The description of your vacation request