General description


This form is used to display/add/edit/delete the waypoint prices.

Usage of the waypoint prices

  • Only Article of system type “TRANSPORT” can be used.
    This screen allows the user to specify the price to transport articles (either a default price) or a price by client.
  • This screen is called from the Parameters / Articles menu.

Validation checks

  • An article must be selected.
  • A client or supplier must be selected.
  • When adding or editing a price the following must be filled:
    • A price
    • A start date
  • If an end date is specified, it must be greater or equal than the start date.

Rights and Options

  • The user must have the rights to Display / Add / Edit / Delete data on this form.

Fields description

  • ARTICLE: Article of transport system type
    TYPE: client or supplier
    CLIENT – SUPPLIER: depending on the previous selection
    WAY POINT: pre-defined waypoints