Click on the Restore Database button on the Utilities form ( see Access to DeMaSy Utilities ).
The following screen then appears:

To restore a database, first choose a drive, a folder (directory), a database type (Destination) and finally a database to restore (File(s) to restore).

Options :

– Relink Tables that were previously unlinked

– Update INI Files: update the files

– Delete Version record : Delete all the records in the Version table

– Include Documents files : Include your documents in the backup

Restore path :

The different paths are filled automatically according to the paths of your databases, but you can change them if you wish.
After correctly filling all options and paths, click on the Restore button to restore your database.

The “Restore Tables” button allows you to chooser the tables to restore :

Click on the “Logged” button to see all users connected to the database.