General description

A detailed description of this screen and all other screens in the context of Capital will be provided in a few days.

This form is used to Add/Edit/Delete Capital data.


Usage of Capital

This form is called from DeMaSy Management main menu.
The form is composed of three tabs:

  • A Main tab that contains:
    • Three combo boxes that are used to select a Company, a Shareholder company or person and a Register Number.
    • Three grids that display all the Capital records and other data linked to them;
    • Filters that interact with the grids below them.
  • A Detail tab that allow editing of the data for the selected Capital record in the grid. The Detail tab looks like this:


  • A Shareholder tab that shows a grid which contains informations about the shareholders. This tab looks like the following (with the Display totals by shareholder unchecked):

If theĀ  Display totals by shareholder checkbox is checked then Totals columns are added:

Modifying data takes place directly in the grid using Add/Edit/Delete buttons at the right of it.


Description of fields in the grids on the Main tab

  • The fields of the first grid are described in the description of fields on the Detail tab
  • The second grid contains the following informations:
    • Qty of shares:
    • Par value of shares:
    • Qty shares bearer:
    • Qty shares nominatives:
    • Total commitments:
    • Total subscribed:
    • Paid-in capital:
    • Authorized capital:
    • Total distributions:
  • The third grid has the following fields:
    • Share type:
    • Qty:
    • Amount:

Description of fields on the Detail tab

  • From/To dates:
  • Value/Settlement dates:
  • Currency:
  • Type of movement:
  • Share type:
  • Share class:
  • Property / B-N:
  • Number of shares:
  • Nominal value (NAV value):
  • Amount:
  • Paid in percent / amount:
  • Fees 1 / 2 / 3:
  • Total:
  • Payment currency / rate:
  • Share premium:
  • Stock exchange:
  • Signed / Certified delivered:
  • Description:
  • Distributor company / person:
  • Security:

Description of fields in the grid on the Shareholder tab

  • Shareholder:
  • Security type:
  • Nbr:
  • Qty:
  • Total commitment amount:
  • Total subscribed amount:
  • Total remaining:

Checks when editing values of a Capital record

  • The From and To dates must be consistent.
  • A Currency must be specified.
  • A type of movement and a share type must be selected.
  • A share B-N must exist.
  • The field Number of Shares must be filled with a value.
  • A correct paid in percent must be provided.
  • An error message is displayed if it is impossible to transfer more shares than own by shareholder.

Checks when editing values on the Shareholder tab

  • The register number must be specified.
  • A company must be selected.
  • Check if the shareholder or the register number already exist for the company.

Checks when deleting a Capital record

  • Check if the Capital is used by a Capital Share Lot.


Forms that are called by the Capital screen

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Capital Fund Raising

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