Upgrade DeMaSy to a new version

This article describes the steps that should be followed when a DeMaSy upgrade is needed.

  • First you should ensure that the settings that are used for upgrading DeMaSy are correctly set:
    • Open the DeMaSy utilities and click on the INI Editor button:

    • Now your are on the INI Editor screen, go to the FTP tab:

      1. You are now on the FTP tab of the INI Editor.
      2. In the Name list select Upgrade.
      3. If you want to change the settings click on the Edit button.
      4. The Type setting should be set to Upgrade.
      5. Check the FTP address that should be ftp.sdna.lu
      6. The server mode is set to SFTP/Passive.
      7. The User and the Password are not visible and are set by an administrator. Don’t change it.
      8. If you use a proxy server then the infos related to this proxy should be filled there.
      9. The Licence file should be deleted after a successfull download so the checkbox should remained checked.
      10. The Client Login & Password for Update fields are filled by the administrator, so please don’t change them.
      11. If you are in Edit mode then click on the Edit button to save your changes.
      12. Leave the INI Editor to go back to the Utilities main menu.
  • Now you are going to proceed to the download of the needed upgrade files
    • On the Utilities main menu click on the Install/Upgrade button

    • You are now on the Upgrade files tab
      1. Check the path of the download folder. This is the place where the upgrade files will be placed.
      2. Click on the Download button, now the upgrade files will be downloaded from the FTP server to the download folder.
      3. After the download is complete, click on the Upgrade Files button to start the upgrade.

    • When the upgrade process is finished then the Utilities will restart and the focus will be given the the Upgrade Databases tab
      1. Your databases should be listed in the window.
      2. Now click on the Upgrade Databases to start the process.
  • Now you will proceed to a database check
    • Go back to the Utilities main menu and click on the Check databases button

    • Now you are on the Check database screen
      1. In the databases list select the ones you want to check or click on the Plus button to select all of them.
      2. The default check options will be used so you don’t need to change them.
        Simply click on the Check button to start the process.

    • During the database check, some messages may be displayed. Some of them are only informative ( ), while others ( ) should be considered and could require some actions. In such cases please contact your administrator or the DeMaSy help desk.