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  • DeMaSy Software
    Manage Your Business With Only one Software

DeMaSy - "All in one"

Engineered, designed and developed in Luxembourg by professionals for professionals

For Corporate service Providers, Trust Administrators, Professionals of financial sector, Family Offices, Funds Administrators, Banks, Lawyers, Commercial companies ...


·         Smartphone app – Employee time management and expense report

·         Real time Accounting based on unique journal concept, Multi- currency/language/GAAP/periods

·         A Multi-currency, multi-period, multi-company and multi-language software application

·         Multi chart of accounts and PNN 2020 Luxembourg

·         Document Management System (Indexation and merge)

·         CRM and risks management through a comprehensive workflow

·         Compliance, due diligence, KYC, KYT with interactive dashboard

·         Time reporting and time valuation with a real time profitability analysis

·         Automatic client billing and reminders at due dates

·         Human resources, scheduling and capacity management

·         Tasks management with electronic signature and deadline monitoring

·         Dynamic deadlines and interactive time management

·         Comprehensive Workflows (purchase orders / inventory / billing …)

·         Extended and fully integrated general accounting

·         Financial Accounting (portfolios, deposits-loans, Forex, Swaps, Outrights ...)

·         Automatic accounting entries

·         Fixed assets amortization

·         Manual and electronic wire transfers orders

·         Reinsurance contracts management

·         Automatic revaluations of currency positions

·         Net asset values computations for investment funds

·         SAAS & digitalization

·         B2B : automatic reading and injection of xml client invoices as supplier invoices

·         Turnkey multi-system and xml input/output  interfaces 

·         Modular and tailor-made solutions

DeMaSy, technology

  • A tool designed with Microsoft development applications
  • Standalone, networks, remote access, SAAS
  • An easy and powerful report generator [Crystal Report and MS Excel]
  • Integrated Interfaces
  • Data protection, audit trail and integrated security management

DeMaSy, professionals

  • Professionals of financial sector at your service
  • Help desk and online remote maintenance


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