DeMaSy 2021 V10 – WHAT’S NEW

ACCOUNTING – New module – all clients & suppliers invoices are converted into XML files by a OCR/robot and transformed into postings with pdf supporting document attached

DeMaSy 2020 V9 – WHAT’S NEW

ACCOUNTING & SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS : All attached documents can be viewed by a single click on reports preview [General ledger (id1206), journal (id 182), invoices (id 33 & 106)]

ACCOUNTING – New administrator right (on demand) to overwrite closed entries

ACCOUNTING – PCN 2021: New standard and account to account transfer


ACCOUNTING – NAV: Link between transfer agent register and accounting of parts subscription/redemptions

ACCOUNTING: automated Deferred expenses & deferred incomes

CRM RELATIONS :  New CRM-relations module with entities (group of companies), UBO register filing tracker and flowcharting

EDM : New option for storing e-documents:  Documents can be saved in SQL database with full high speed indexed search

AUTOMATIC INVOICING: Approbation workflow

e-INVOICING : Together with the attached pdf client invoice email will include an xml file which can automatically be converted into supplier invoice by an single paste  

DASHBOARD (COMPLIANCE) : Interactive & customizable dashboard (due dates & compliance items requiring action)

KYT (COMPLIANCE) : Know your transaction to follow up and store evidence of control of bank movements

PROJECT & RESOURCE MANAGEMENT : Task based project management with scheduling resource planning and timesheets + Gantt charting

TIME REPORT :  Expense report with attached supporting documents accessible directly from screen and single click on report preview)

WIRE TRANSFERS : Banks movements import into accounts (MT940 & CAMT.053)

WEB APP:  Time report and expenses report on Apple and Android

NEW REPORT Daily Time reports review with chargeability [Id 1941]

NEW REPORT : Employee profitability [Id 1881]

NEW REPORT : Bank movements by account [Id 1933]

NEW REPORT :  Job (profit centre) [Id 1755]

NEW REPORT : ATB Client-Suppliers and Treasury projection [Id 1930]

NEW REPORTS : Multi-company accounting period statistics and status and detailed historical period information by company 

INTERFACE : client invoices of master company can generate supplier invoices in target accounting companies