General description


This form is used to display/add/edit/delete the article prices.

Usage of the article prices

  • This screen allows the user to enter the prices of the articles for purchases or sales.
  • It is called from the following locations:
    • The Article Prices menu ( Parameters / Articles );
    • The Fees Go button on the Detail tab of the Job Services screen;
    • The grid on the Main tab of the above screen;
    • On the Article screen, from the Client Price and Supplier Price buttons;
    • On the Articles by Client and Articles by Supplier screens, from the Prices button.

Validation checks

  • A currency must have been selected.
  • The Unit and Total prices must have been set.
  • The Start Date must have been specified and be lower than the End Date if filled.
  • Start dates should be unique.

Rights and Options

  • The user must have the rights to Display / Add / Edit / Delete data on this form.

Fields description

  • Article:
    To display the price for an article the user must select an article and select a type client or supplier.
  • Type:
    Client: display a combo allowing to select a client
    Supplier: display a combo allowing to select a supplier
  • Supplier/Client:
    If no client/supplier is selected the prices of the articles is displayed for all clients/suppliers at a time.
    In the supplier combo box user can select either +++All+++ or a supplier.
    +++All+++ refers to all suppliers if no specific prices are entered for the selected article
    In the client combo +++Sale price – default+++ refers to all client if no specified prices are entered for the selected article.
  • Display historical prices:
    If the check box is ticked (default) all the historical prices will be displayed. If not checked only the current price will be listed.
  • Columns of the grid:
    Supplier/Client: Supplier/Client
    Start Date: Start date of the price
    End Date: End date of the price
    Currency: Currency in which the price is expressed
    Unit Price: The unit price
    Total Price: Total price * UNIT (specified in article data)
    Index Value: Index value to be used to apply an increase to sales prices in relation with an indexation.