Data best pratices

There is some information for best Data performances.

  • Link the following tabled your Client Databases to the LINK Database:
    • Country
    • CountryCurrency
    • CountryIndex
    • CountryIndexType
    • CountryName
    • CountryPhone
    • Currency
    • CurrencyRate
    • Holiday
    • Reminder
    • ReminderType
    • ReminderTypeName
  • Verify if you can delete some old Currency rates, for example if you have Currency rates from 2002 and you don’t need them anymore, you can delete them or keep at least the last Currency rate of every year.
  • On the Versionlink Table , you should only have records for your current environment.
  • If you use Transaction Log, you can archive and/or Delete the old records in TransLog Table
  • In DeMaSy Utilities on INIEditor screen, you can delete all the old DBId records. (Only if you use SQLServer)OldDbid