How to solve unassigned rights

When you log in DeMaSy you may see the following message displayed. It means that some rights are unassigned for you.

To solve this, proceed with the following procedure:

  1. Close the message by clicking on the OK button, then close DeMaSy
  2. Open Utils application and choose Security Groups:
  3. On the Security Groups page, in the Selection combobox choose “With missing rights”, then select a group (global or Database group) in the second combobox:
  4. Click on the Detail button at the upper right corner of the page.
    The rights then appear in a treeview.
  5. At the lower right corner of the page, you can use navigation buttons to easily locate the missing rights:

    << locates the first missing right
    < & >  locate respectively the previous or the next one
    >> locates the last missing right
  6. Missing rights are symbolized with a green question mark and a red cross over it:
  7. Right-click on the icon to set the allowed or denied state to that right.
  8. Repeat the operation for all the missing ones.
  9. At the end, click on the Update button, leave the page and also leave Utils application.
  10. Launch DeMaSy application and normally the message should not be displayed anymore.