Create ODBC Data Source

To install a new Data Source follow the procedure below:

  1. Locate the ODBC Data Source Administrator clicking on the Windows Start menu and typing ODBC . You should see the following:
  2. Double-click on the ODBC Data Sources (32-bit) to launch the ODBC Data Source Administrator and go to the System DSN tab:
  3. Click on the Add button, choose the SQL Server driver and click on the Finish button:
  4.  On the screen below give a Name, a Description and choose the SQL server you use: (*Go to the end of the document for the default values)
  5. Clicking on the Next button displays the Authentication screen where you will choose the authentication method to use:
  6. If you want to change the network library used to communicate with SQL Server click on the Client Configuration button:
  7. Now go back to the Authentication screen and click on the Next button so the following screen is displayed where you can select the default database.
  8. Clicking on the Next button displays the following screen where you can select some options – language, encryption, log files:
  9. Then a screen is displayed with a summary of the previously selected parameters:
  10. You can now test the created data source. If the test is successful the screen below is displayed:
  11. You have to do all the procedure a second time for the Licence Database.
  12. You can now close the ODBC administrator.

* By default at the installation the Name of the ODBC are : SQLServer-DeMaSy and SQLServer-Licence