Programming language
DeMaSy is developed in .NET with Visual Studio.
A client/server object-oriented approach has been used and the application has been implemented with multiple tiers being executed on the Workstation.
Software ERD and technical documentation is embedded in the program source code.
The developers are adhering to strict in-house guide-lines and methodology.
Quality checks and risk management are being performed at multiple stages of the development.

Minimum required disc space for the database: 10 GB
Server RAM: 32GB recommended
Server CPU: 4 CPUs minimum
DeMaSy software uses Microsoft SQL Server (higher than Microsoft SQL Server 2012SP2 are supported)

Client workstation(s)
Windows 10. 8GB of Ram. 1GB of disk space for the DeMaSy executables.

The reporting tool is SAP Crystal Reports.
Reporting is also available in excel

User security and access rights control
The application has been developed with its own built-in rights management.
Access rights can be granted by user and/or group of rights and/or by group of entities existing in the database.
Users are attached to security groups and security groups can be attached to entities groups.
Access rights are granted by screen and processes and Read/write/delete access can be discriminated for each screen/function.
The rights are defined in a program which is located in a separate standalone executable. IT services can implement the application in a way that the system administrator managing the access rights to the main application does not have any access to that application (segregation of duties).

Password encryption / active directory
Passwords can be stored in the database encrypted with 256AES.
However, we recommend to use the active directory of the Microsoft Windows File Server